Most of us are born under safe hands of parents who would provide the necessity in shelter, food, and knowledge as we grow. It is the circumstances that force some to lose the essentials pushing them into poverty. We have come across generations of families and communities who traditionally depend on living based on Art, Culture, Music or producing commodity vessels, cloths etc. Never in the human evolution of recorded history, especially in the past 2 decades, has the world been changing rapidly in terms of living standard due to technology adoption. This has been changing the way we live from the food we eat, what we entertain upon and consume for our daily lives leading to diminished interest in the traditional Art, Painting, Sculpture carvings, Clay, Hand loom cloths etc.,. People whose living depends in producing commodities using traditional methods are suffering as the demand for the handmade have changed as we humans have changed the way we consume utensils, pots & pan, traditionally cloths etc., We found many families and communities who are in their 40+ and in the brink of losing their living based on what they were traditionally depending on into something new which is hard for them as they are not in the age or no awareness to learn and adopt something new. Such families are in the poverty line living in unsafe roof tops but still have hopes. While for many, it could be the last generation who would do their traditional jobs for the living, some had vanished (e.g. professional folk dancers, sculptures etc.,). Our goal is to bring those traditional commodity consumptions back if not locally, create awareness and a path for them to trade internationally. We aspire to help by providing an opportunity to take the traditional hand made to the world to create a support system that would keep the traditions alive and create a demand that the next generation learns and continues. Children from these communities go to school, work to earn and do house chores and take care of their deceased or older parent(s). They need support to continue their college education. We have seen senior citizens who have lost their health and can no longer work, with no support from their children or with no children who learned or would support their traditions does not know where to seek help. Help for such communities does not exist and such communities still live among us today. We have come across many families who are single parents losing their breadwinner completely or have become dysfunctional due to health conditions bringing the entire family into a halt who does not know where to seek help. Lost homes with children need help in securing jobs. We believe we can be their support system in providing the essentials and show them a path to survive. As you read this, will you join hands and be part of the serving in ways you can with supplies, be a volunteer, monetary or run programs to support and be part of this journey in humanity.

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