Many who are considered gifted and talented with various skills get unnoticed by the masses and when coming from poor and low-income circumstances, it doesn't manifest into a skill that is to be inspired. We believe it is an opportunity to encourage such gifted and talented people to manifest into something extradentary by providing the appropriate support. Whether you are a talent who has extraordinary skills, sports, meditative, yoga, math, invention and other, we may be able to help you for a start. India is rich in culture and history. It has so many historical monuments and significance that goes back hundreds, and thousands of years and many of these are hardly noticed because of lack of knowledge and are abandoned. It is also our duty to preserve those historical significance and culture that was given to us by those who lived in the same place that we did over thousands of years ago. We help to preserve, protect and embrace so the future generations get to experience it and create a place of significance for people to visit and learn. As technology advances around the world, we believe the knowledge of various aspects in art, science, medical, sports, space etc., can be brought into the community encouraging inventions. Encourage Goodwill activities to share the surplus and unused to the needy. Create and encourage programs to donate various supplies from and within the community. Today's youth faces a major challenge in terms of how they would thrive in the far demanding needs as the technology adoption changes in rapid speed. While the youth: Millennials and Zen Z’s who are growing in a digital era are losing the social element which is considered as the foundation for humans (social species that thrives when empathy, care, community and ethics are part of). Our goal is to bring such awareness and embrace a healthy physical and mental life to live a longer healthy and happy life, embracing ethical values and preparing them to face the digital world. With alarming global warming, most of us know what needs to be done but little is followed. We aim to create and bring awareness and activities to save that are to be rooted in the current and the upcoming generation lifestyle to preserve and reduce the damage by all means to create a moment that will eventually help save our planet and many endangered species. As most of the community around is based on agriculture, with the amount of technological innovation that has happened in the past few decades, we believe the per capita outcome can be increased to over 500% when adopting ancient and new technologically advanced methods still maintaining the organic nature of farming and harvesting. We help to bring such awareness to the community. Many of us think of serving or contributing to society, nature and the world but get carried away with the daily chores and commitments as they think of what I as an individual could do? As you read this, will you join hands as part of this moment serving in whatever you can in bringing your knowledge, efforts, supplies, your time as volunteer, monetary or other to bring the change for a better village, town, city, the world we live in.

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