Among the diseases that are considered catastrophe, there is most likely a fix there which is awareness and precautionary measures. With the awareness that is well understood by all who are literate to illiterate in the way they can understand, it is possible to reduce the disasters as long as someone takes initiative to bring the knowledge to them. We have come across many who are still not aware of the basics and our goal is to bring such to the community and younger generation who would spread the knowledge on a pandemic to a common spreading disease. We have come across people with curable physical conditions but ignored due to ignorance or circumstance that forces them not to pay attention to or can no longer afford and continue to live in a miserable condition and most of them are from lower income. Such individuals can thrive far better if such conditions can be fixed as simply as getting an artificial limb, leg, alternate for an eyesight, a hearing device or fixing their medical conditions that could provide a new turning point to live like the normal. Our goal is to continue to identify and help such individuals. The concept of mental illness is hardly addressed or even recognized. Lack of awareness and treatment for such is new to many. Our goal is to continue to bring awareness to mental illness due to various circumstances, such as harassment in all types, child abuse, adalances, abusive dirking parent/ spouse, financial and or loss of near and dear, loneliness and other. With the help of trained physiology volunteers, we look forward to providing mental wellness treatment creating happy minds who would create happiness around leading to a harmonious society. Create wellness initiatives and programs for all ages to participate leading to an involved and physical and mentally active society. I hope you would join hands in these efforts in any aspect.

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