For all Spices not just Humans, Animals, Plants etc. The basic needs are Shelter, a roof to stay safe, protect from rain, sun and intruders and call it home to sleep, have the essentials to cook, live in a place as small as 10 Square feet or just a stable roof to share with others. We come across various disturbed families with grown up children who are in high schools (thanks for the government providing the poor with free food) get education, but those boys and girls some of them who lost their earning parents or can no longer function mentally or physically disabled, single mothers raising their child losing their rented home, distressed families who just eat once a day, Kids who have to work, study and take care of house chores and parents, senior citizens from lower income or no income with no pension and no support from their grown up children or no children some time become homeless. There are many such distressed people who seek help or are not able to convey or do not know or want to seek help from are still living among us. As India is considered a growing 2 nd world country marching towards a first world with such economic growth in the past decades, the country is experiencing an insignificant balance while most of them are in rural areas. While some tribal communities in rural areas thrive, there are other tribal communities who are balancing between subsidized government food and depending on nature (roots, wild fruits, animals and birds) as source of income or food. Our goal is to provide a helping hand in awareness of various schemes that exist and create opportunities in the community. If they are unattended, most of them will be in streets begging and we have seen some taking their own lives. We continue our journey with a team of volunteers who bring such distressed families to visibility, and we believe someday we will eradicate poverty and provide the necessity and a path for them to sustain. As you read this, will you join hands to enjoy the wealth of joy in helping in whatever you can as supplies, monetary, be a volunteer or other.

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